Abdulhaq Abdullaev

Abdullaev Abdulhak Aksakalovich (1918 - 2001), People's Artist of Uzbekistan, Honorary Member of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan.

The life and creative work of Abdulkhak Abdullayev are a ceaseless study and cognition of the complex and, at times, inconsistent human mode living. He took a portrait genre in preference to all the numerous genres of art.

In 1926, he entered the Labor School in Tashkent. It was an exemplary school and art education of children here has been put on a good foundation.

A teacher of painting, seeing his successes in drawing, advised him to go to an art college. In 1931, having finished the first step of the school, Abdulhak arrived in Samarkand, where at that time there was an art college. The teachers of the young artist were teachers - L.L. Bure, 3.M. Kovalevskaya, and P.P. Benkov.

Later he studied at the Moscow Art Institute (1938-1941) where V.P.Efanov and A.A.Osmerkin were his teachers.

“I can’t come to my senses from a portrait of Abrar Khidoyatov. I did not see this actor on the stage, but Othello's majestic eyes, which were still quite self-controlling, are surprising and scary, ”Novikov writes in a review book at the personal exhibition of Abdulhak in Moscow in 1973.

He taught at the art school (1950-1957) and the pedagogical institute named Nizami (1955-1957) in Tashkent. Paintings of the artist are stored in museums of Uzbekistan, Russia, Italy, India and other countries of the world.

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